Buying a New Phone and Taking Good Care of It 

If you’re willing to ditch your old phone that doesn’t suit your needs well, it’s now time to research more about the phones that can satisfy your needs. Nowadays, phones are not only for texting or calling, it’s also for staying connected in social media and using many apps. They are great investment, so choosing the best one should be your priority when you are out for cellphone shopping.  


Once you buy your dream phone, you should take good care for it. It’s your responsibility to keep it in its good working condition so it will last long in your hands. It’s an investment, just like any of your belongings. This article will show you both how to buy a new phone and take good care of it.  

Buying the Phone that Works Well for You 

Before you purchase a new cellphone; research first about the hottest and most durable of the smartphone brands nowadays. Also, list down some of the reasons why you ditched your old one so you can compare it with the one you will buy next. Know more about the phone’s features and specifications and choose the one that works well for you, especially if you have special needs. Buying a phone you don’t like will make you care less about it, and thus you will use it carelessly.  

Buy a Screen Protector and Phone Case 

Just right after you buy your new phone, buy a screen protector and phone case too. These accessories will help you protect your phone at any cost. The screens are subject to scratches and knocks especially if it doesn’t have screen protector. To keep its screen smooth, buy a protector. The phone case will also help you protect your phone’s internal components from being damaged especially if you accidentally drop it.  

Put in Safe Place When Not in Use 

If you’re going to sleep, make sure you have a safe place you can put the place at. It should be a place that’s out of the way and where your phone isn’t likely to be knocked over. Some of these places are cabinets, bookshelves or desk. Don’t keep your phone in a closed container like purse or something especially if you’re charging it. Make sure you only use the genuine chargers that are compatible to your device.  

Keep it Dry 

Prevent the phone from getting some moisture. Once it gets wet, consult a technician of Denver cellphone repair right away. The moisture can damage the internal components of your phone; that if not addressed right away can lead to phone failure. Also, don’t expose the device to too much heat because it will decrease the battery life.  

Clean Regularly 

Your phone needs to be cleaned too. It can accumulate dust everywhere, so it’s your responsibility to maintain it in good condition. Use alcohols wipes or dry tissue paper when you clean the exterior surfaces. Avoid using those cleaners that can contribute moisture to the phone.  

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Three Clever Tricks on Cleaning Kitchen Appliances and Utensils

Our kitchen is dear to us; this is the special place in our house where we manifest our creativity and where we pour out our love in making the food of our household. With the function and the special significance of our kitchen, it is very important to maintain its good condition so we can also make clean and healthy foods. 

Our kitchen is not only the structural space, but it is also the components that make it, like the appliances and utensils. We have to pay attention and regularly clean our kitchen appliances and utensils because we use them directly in making our food. To help you make your job easier and faster, here is a list of clever tricks on cleaning kitchen appliances and utensils. 

 Kitchen Appliances

  1. On Cleaning Your Blender

Almost all of household has blenders in their kitchen; blenders make special treats like fruit shakes or mixtures. Sometimes, it is very difficult to clean our blenders because fruit fibers are sometimes too sticky and it makes it harder to remove when you wash it.  

The clever technique to do in cleaning your blender easier is to put some water on it and a drop of your dishwashing soap. Put the pitcher back again in the machine and let it run for about fifteen to twenty minutes, the machine would do the cleaning work for you. Empty the pitcher of the cleaning solution and rinse with water until there are no traces of soap remaining. 

  1. On Cleaning Your Microwave

Another staple in our kitchen is our microwave; the microwave is hard to clean sometimes, especially if we used it in foods that have sauce or seasonings. To clean our microwaves easily, gather some pieces of clean paper towels and wet it with clean water. Place these wet towels inside the microwave and run it for about three to five minutes. The water would evaporate and would soften the grime that has held to the walls inside. 

Wipe the moisture of the insides with another piece of clean cloth and dry it. If the insides of the microwave have smell, then freshen the machine with the fragrance of lemon; concoct half cup of lemon and one cup of water and place it in a bowl. Put the bowl in the microwave and run the microwave for another three to five minutes and then you are done. 

  1. On Cleaning your Non-stick Pan

One of the hardest kitchen utensil to clean are non-stick pans. Used oil sticks to the pan, and you can’t just rub the pan with liquid soap and any abrasive cleaning tool because it can cause scratches and would tear off the non-stick properties of the pan.  

To clean it, use salt and a piece of clean cloth and gently rub the pan with running water. Finish it by replenishing the non-stick pan with small amounts of your cooking oil.  


Most of our time in cleaning our kitchen is spent on cleaning your kitchen appliances and utensils, and in this article, we have tackled the most common ones like the blender, microwave, and our cooking pans. These tasks are easy enough to do, but if you don’t have any time to do it, you can hire professional home cleaners by visiting this site

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